A Shamrock Table for St. Patrick's Day


I wasn’t going to do a St. Patrick’s table this year but at the last minute, changed my mind, because I finally have six of these shamrock salad plates. How I love the pattern!

2019.03.16k (2).jpg

I love Mr. Leprechaun. Can’t remember where I got him but I think he was made by someone at one of those paint the pottery places.


The three little leprechauns are labeled Geo. Z Lefton, 1995. I think I found them at an antique mall. The one behind them is actually part of a set of Santas I have. He is called Four Leaf Crinkle Claus by Possible Dreams but I keep him with my St. Pats decorations. On the other side of the table is Shamrock Crinkle Claus. I bought the glass shamrock at a gift shop somewhere. I think I bought the tablecloth at HomeGoods.


The green shamrock salad plate was made in Portugal by Bordallo Pinheiro. I really love this plate. I have six and I have bought them one by one on ebay over the past few years as well as seven others that are the same pattern with a round shape. Finding them all has been difficult and I am still looking for more. The white dinner plate is called Oakdale White and was made by Fitz and Floyd. I think I found them at HomeGoods. I like the braid design around the rim. The charger was made by Mikasa and is called Color Spectrum in Hunter Green. I love this charger, it is heavy and a great color. I have several others in other colors. I bought them all a few at a time on ebay.


The clear goblet is my wedding crystal, Lismore by Waterford. The green goblet was made by Noritake and is called Sweet Swirl in light green. These were made between 1985 and 2005, I found them on ebay.


The flatware is labeled Helmick/O.M.C. and is called Celtic Crusader. I have learned to buy 18/10 stainless because with cheaper quality flatware sometimes the fork tines have not been filed and are really sharp. I always test flatware by touching the fork tines to see what they feel like. I love the way this flatware looks and it is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!


The napkins are vintage damask and I found them on ebay with a matching tablecloth. The butterfly napkin ring was made by Mackenzie-Childs. They have the same napkin rings now but in blue tones. I loved these napkin rings as soon as I saw them and I bought a couple at a time online over several months until I had twelve.


The white place card holder can be written on as well with a special pen. Can’t remember where I bought them but it was maybe Williams Sonoma or Crate and Barrel.

2019.03.16a (2).jpg

I finished the table as the sun was setting giving Mr. Leprechaun a special glow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!